Reliable Manufacturer of High Gloss Transfer Film for Leather and Textile

Top Snda is a trusted transfer film manufacturer specialized in various heat transfer films for leather and textile finishing. Our catalogue mainly covers leather transfer film and textile transfer film. These thermoplastic films are composed of PET carrier film and resin granules, and feature good bonding/fastness as well as excellent resistance to yellowing and water washing. With thousands of pattern options, our transfer foil delivers special decorative effects to shoes, bags, suitcases, clothes, etc. Custom design is also accepted. If you are engaged in the production of leather or textile goods, contact us today for premium quality transfer films.

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Top Snda is a professional leather transfer film and textile transfer film supplier in China, and our high gloss transfer film is a perfect combination of PET carrier film and resin granules. During hot pressing process, these resin granules, and therefore relevant patterns (snakeskin pattern, lizard pattern, etc.), are transferred to the surface of simulated leather, genuine leather or textile fabric, improving their texture and added value. In addition, our heat transfer film could work together with transfer printing film and other films.
    1. Transfer Film (Leather Finishing)

      Due to our excellent production capacity, these thermoplastic films/crystal films may come with customized patterns and colors if requested.

    1. Transfer Film (Textile Finishing)

      Textile transfer film is able to work with textiles whose height is over 3m, and our high production capacity ensures short lead time.

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